Welcome to Mere’s Hair.

“Too bad all the people who know how to run this country are busy running taxicabs or cutting hair. “- George Burns

Welcome to my blog! My name is Meredith, but you can call me Mere.  As a Physicist I am prone to doing experiments. So I decided to do a little personal experimentation where in I would prove to be the proverbial Guinea pig. Could I develop my skill and hone my ambition through self challenge and proper research to become a stylist that actually knew what I was talking about? You know, a regular Albert Einstein in the field of cosmetology!

           I’m here to hurtle myself over new levels of difficulty in the wondrous world of hair. This blog has given me new doors to open and discover my abilities as well as act as a portal of helpful knowledge to others. Being a competitive person by nature, my blog will allow me to compete with myself through the development of new creations. Thus able to make comparison of older original photography to newer photos constructive. Compiling and organizing all of my ideas on this blog will also improve my ability to recall data I learned during this blogs’ creation. By doing so I will increase my capability to function on a higher level in our current fashion focused society. You guys aren’t merely here to be observers…I want you to participate in my metamorphosis as a person. You can help me moult my Caterpillar exterior to become a full blown stylist with wings!  Heck you might learn something too. Enough with the opening statements, let’s get down to the all things hot and hairy!


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