Day 1

   Today I begin my largest blog undertaking yet. I created this page for this singular purpose of displaying my hair styling creations.I started growing my hair for “Locks of Love” I began running out of ideas for styling my hair when it started reaching longer lengths it became more difficult to style. I was also bored with just wearing it in a bun or pony-tail. So I initiated my quest to find 365 different styles to wear, something different for everyday. The difficulty will vary between my styles depending on how much time I have each day to style my hair. If you have any specific designs you want shown please leave a comment for me. I will be happy to demonstrate your desired style! Some of my friends have also encouraged me to add in makeup designs as well, so be on the look out for those designs as well. Enjoy!

My first day is a simple three strand braid. Starting with a blank canvas simplicity is the key as you can see I’m not even wearing makeup. This picture is always important because like with any good experiment you need a control subject. A control subject is necessary so you can see the difference between test subjects and the control. What’s awesome about this simple style is if you leave your hair partially damp and let it dry in the braid, when you take it out you’ll have beautiful waves. The tighter you braid the hair the smaller the wave.  If you already have dry hair or particularly straight hair put some mouse on your hair before your braid it and let it set. When you take it down run your fingers through it minimally! You don’t want to frizz up your work.


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