Day 14

This is one of those more difficult styles I was referring to in my introduction. You need to separate your fringe (bang) away from the rest of your hair and pin it up for last. Secondly the middle half of your head, from behind the bang to right below the crown of your head. You need to make a large pin curl out of this hair and pin it to the crown of your head so it almost looks like a hair halo. Curl the hair below the pin curl in small sections with a larger barrel curling iron or a flat iron so the curls are more natural looking. Leave these curls down to flow. After you’ve done this you need to grab your ribbon of choice and wrap around your head like a headband, and pin underneath your hair you left hanging down. Make sure this ribbon is pinned securely otherwise it will slip. Your bang section should be parted the way you like to wear them. I wore a side part so I could create my flower using my hair. Curl your bang and wrap it on itself to create a flower and pin. The remaining curls can either be left to frame the face, or can be pinned over the ribbon to frame and accentuate the pin curl. 


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