Day 2

Using the same technique described previously. The night before section your hair into four sections and french braid your dry hair after putting lots of mouse on each section. I slept on my hair because I have extremely straight hair and I wanted to make sure the curl set. Carefully separate each braid and shake your hair out, then I lightly spray hair with a light hold hair spray just to keep the frizz down throughout the day. I love this look because it will last a few days for me. Today its a pretty wave, by tomorrow add more mouse or gel and scrunch your hair to get greater body. This is a great trick for those of us with super straight hair because it doesn’t require heat!  If you want more body instantly, pick through your hair while you have flipped your hair upside down and spray with a little more hair spray. This makes for a great eighties look if you tease and use lots of hair spray. Below is how it looks with more scrunching and gel.



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