Day 3

 You can encourage your curl by sleeping on braids that are damp. The more often you curl your hair, the easier it is for you to style your hair curly. If you straighten your hair on a regular basis, it might be more difficult for you to curl your hair.  This picture above is a second day of the braid, therefore it has more body. I believe that if you have more hair you have more to play with, you can do more unique styles. Today I decided to see how many styles I could do in thirty minutes. The following six styles were done in under thirty minutes with only one hair twisty, a ribbon, and a few giant hair pins to anchor the styles. The fewer pins you have the less likely you are to see them, so make each pin you have count. 

This style is alot of fun. You can wear it with the bow up front, or I like to wear it to the side. I finished this off with a ribbon just to show that you can support your favorite spots team wearing their colors! The bow can be a posh style without the ribbon as well, using only the hair as a work of art. To get the bow you need to first decide where you want the bow’s

For this style you need to start by flipping your hair over upside down. Start twisting up the back of your head at the base of your neck up to the crown of your head. Now all that hair you’ve twisted up you need to pin down on top of your head before your let go so it can bump out over your hairline. Leave the leftover hair to your side of choice to frame your face.

This style is a little bit more difficult than it looks. Start by bumping your hair into a desired bump in the bang section. I bumped mine to the side for a more asymmetrical style. Once it has been bumped, twist under all of your hair so that you can have all of your hair flowing to the opposite side and pin the style.

This is also a super quick style I enjoy especially during the summer. Long-haired mavens out there will understand just how awesome it is to get your hair off the back of your neck during the heat. This style you can use to punk fake a couple of people into thinking you actually cut your hair. You need to part your hair as you normally would before you flip your head to start styling. Once flipped grasp your hair into a low pony tail and twist and use pins to attach the hair to the crown of your head. Let your hair fall over the twist till it looks like a high pony tail. 

The final style of my thirty minute dash is this funky Amy Winehouse tribute. I didn’t want to go full-out beehive so I did another asymmetrical style that requires a mastery of your own hair. Flip your head upside down and start twisting your hair from the back left corner of your head up to the crown. Once you’ve reached the crown of your head, hold tight and stand up. Push your hair up and over sideways into a bump of your choice. Smooth your hair and pin it at the back side of your crown. You can choose to let the  loose hair stay on the side of your head that the bump is on or you can pin them into a bun or similar style. 


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