Day 4

This is my Two Row Zulu knot Fauxhawk I did for a fashion show. Start with dirty dry hair so it doesn’t slip out of your hands easily. Divide your hair into four equal horizontal sections on your head. Keep in mind your trying to form knots that will create a fauxhawk. In each section you need to split the hair down the middle of the head and twist the sectioned hair on itself into a bun. Ending up with eight buns in two equally spaced rows down the top and back of the head. Once you’ve completed this and smoothed away any fly aways with hair spray, you need to find a long ribbon or two, that will match your outfit. I corseted the whole fauxhawk by weaving the ribbon back and forth between the buns, but being sure to twist around the bun in its middle before moving to the next bun. I tried to keep some distance between my head and the ribbon so you could actually see it, I think I would have had a better effect had I used a wider ribbon.

Some other mohawks I did that day…



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