Day 6

The pigtail bows are a great way to keep your hair back while being cute at the same time.  Just like the bow I did earlier with a ribbon, the process is the same but divided into smaller sections. I  parted my hair to the side just a little for aesthetics sake, then I pull my hair back into pigtails. Make sure your pigtails are not at the base of your head, because the base of the ponytail will be the midpoint of your bow. As you pull your hair through the twisty the last time, stop half way so you have a loop and then some length of hair left over not pulled through the tie. You need to divide this pulled through part in half to create the double loop of the bow. Wrap the loose hair that wasnt pulled through the twisty around the center of your loops to further separate the loops and create a bow look. Pin your bows in the direction you want them to face.


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