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“I’m undaunted in my quest to amuse myself by constantly changing my hair. “- Hillary Clinton
The picture below aided my decision in writing this category of my blog. Use it as a guide for products and practices I have found that helped improve not only the health of my hair but its’ styling ability as well. 
I don’t know if any of your mothers decided it would be a great idea to perm your hair when you were younger…but mine did. One of my earliest memories of the salon is my first perm. That’s me pointing like an idiot next to my sister with my perm.

 Of course my hair being straight as a stick went from smooth to frizzy instantly! To treat this mishap, my mother kept us stocked on Matrix shampoos and products to save the furry mess my hair had become. I remember the smell of the detangler and conditioner we used everyday to repair the damage. Since then I have been faithful to Biolage and Matrix products. I was cleaning out my parents house when I moved into my new apartment when I discovered these wonderful retro styling products! How old school! I still use gelee as my go to gel when I do my curly or crimpy styles. With gelee you can achieve any look from a wet shine to a controlled look that’s full of body.

I took a picture of the newest Matrix products in our display case that I use now. The picture above shows them with color coordinated matching labels. The green bottles of curl keeper are what I use now to style and extend the life of a perm. What’s so great about these products is the fact that you can literally treat your specific type of hair need with a specific product. You can choose the look you’re wanting to create and use the prescribed products, then poof your stressful styling days are over!  The sleek products are my personal favorite, it has a great deep conditioned feeling yet with lightweight results. The oil is also fantastic for all hair types because it is not a heavy oil that will weigh your hair down.  



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