Heating Things Up

“When red-haired people are above a certain social grade their hair is auburn.” -Mark Twain

Your hair like any other part of your body needs some kind of protection from the intense heats of your blow dryer, flat-iron, and curling iron. Heat from your styler of choice must be hot enough to break and reform those hydrogen bonds we’ve been talking about.
 This is an imperative step in keeping healthy hair when you iron on a regular basis.

  Some irons can reach temperatures in excess of 400 degrees Fahrenheit (~204 celcius).  That is the temperature you cook a roast, so this extra step is crucial to the upkeep of your locks.  Most heat protectants have at least one or more of the following products; silicone, silk, jojoba, and some UVA protectants. You need to know what type of hair you have before choosing either your iron or protectant. Thicker coarser hair need heavier formulas while finer hair need more lightweight products. Just make sure to use some kind of heat protection, though I prefer ones that have natural ingredients such as silk or macadamia nut oil.


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