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Save My Hair Mere!




My cousin suggested I add this new segment to help my viewers solve their hair disasters. Candice is my first project.  She has beautiful long very curly hair. She wants long sleek hair so we used sleek shampoo, conditioner, and smoothing oil from Matrix. I blew dry her hair section by section to “pull” the curl out. You can see how much volume she had in the before picture. I put a little more oil on her ends before we flat ironed her for a finished look. To get good straight hair from curls you need to encourage it every step of the way from shampoo to dry to style!


Day 33

Start this style with a low side pony-tail that you twist toward your face and into a swirl bun. Pin after pushing the bun upward to poof your bang, this will also pull the back of your hair tighter to the back of your head so a sleeker look. You can always turn this into a side french twist if the bun is too much for you.



Cool Down

Everyone knows that heat can create curls or straight hair, but proper cooling techniques can make all the difference in how long your style lasts. Allowing your hair to cool in the shape of the curl your iron just created, secures the curl ensuring a longer lasting hold. Allowing the hydrogen molecules we’ve been talking about to fully set in their new shape before releasing is important to lengthening the life of a style. Let that curl sit in it’s coiled position until it cools. For extreme hold make sure you spray with hair-spray during the cooling process.

Day 32

Today I had to keep my hair completely up and be dressed up for Halloween. I did an old school vintage 50’s style for work today. It being October and all I like to dress with the season, so I can wear funky styles and get away with it. I split my hair down the middle and leaned my head forward and rolled each section down on-top of my head creating two separate buns. I used an animal print bandana to hold the style in place as well as accentuate the 50’s motif.


Day 31

The bang bun makes keeping your hair out of your face fashionable. I would suggest your hair be a hot mess before you start this one. It’s about making a messy look, look good. Flip you head upside down, and brush all your hair towards your forehead and grasp in a ponytail at the top center of your head. Twist hair into a messy bun, letting pieces fall down to accentuate your face and the bun. The bigger the bun the better the statement.



Day 30

This is a quick-ish style that starts with you using your straightner. You need to flatten your hair to ensure contrasting textures. Only curl your crown section of hair, making sure to pin each curl on itself to cover its base/part-lines. Leave a couple pieces long to tie in the length difference.

Pin-up Pin-curls



 The Rock-a-billy is an ever-changing style adaptable to every situation is my favorite hairstyle. As shown above in order of appearance; work, date night, and prom. Each takes a little more time and the bump gets higher and higher! I will describe the last style since it is the only one I have not displayed before. The four strand bang braid is followed by smaller pin-curls secured with gold accent pins. Supper tease the crown hair and pin back half-and-half. The ends of this section need to be curled and pinned so that you can push through the bump shoving it even more forward. Curl the ends of your hair with a larger barrel curling iron for a romantic finish.

Day 29 Light Up My Life


Perfect party do, so long as you take the time to take it back down. These LED Christmas lights run on four AA batteries. Pull your hair in a ponytail. The battery pack is small and manageable with a switch controlling the lights. Curl your hair in small sections. Wrap a piece of hair around the battery pack then secure with pins. Place and pin your lights into place, follow by covering the wires with your curls.

Diffuse the Situation

You can use a diffuser to create voluminous styles as well as keep damaged hair even further from the heat of a hair dryer. Diffusers usually are the attachment that comes with your hairdryer. The one above have round tipped small prongs that facilitate air flow. This design allows the air flow to spread out or “diffuse” from the dryer. Inhibiting the full force of the dryer, you will have an overall gentler drying process reducing damage or frizz in curly styles.

Diffusers similar to this second one can be used to direct airflow to specific locations, allowing for intentional drying of particular sections and improved use of a round brush.

Spread Some Love


These are just a few of the wonderful programs we support here at Bold and Beautiful.  There are always people in need,  just not enough volunteers to go around.  Find a local nonprofit of your choice and volunteer time or money.  Every little bit helps, and who knows you might change a life. If everyone did a little bit then communities everywhere would see a difference.