Monthly Archives: December 2011

Spread the Love Tour 2012

For those blog hoppers that have been keeping up with my blog, I would like to share the awesome news that I was chosen as one of the six to tour the United States with Matrix. These next six months will be an incomparable learning experience that I will try my best to relay to you all. I will not be at my blog as much as I would like, but if you would like to join me on my learning journey by following my new blog, go to . Please don’t hesitate to ask questions I will still answer them, it just might take me longer than usual. Thank you all for your continued support!


The Importance of Trimming

As you well know, when it’s time to get your hair trimmed you can see your split ends. If you are trying to grow your hair out, trimming on a regular basis is the most important thing you can do to add length to your hair over time. If you do not trim off these dead “split” ends, they will literally keep splitting. Keep regular appointments with your hairdresser to make sure your tresses stay healthy and will continue to grow.

Day 38

Don’t worry…Mere’s hair is all there! I like to wear this bob look to make people think I cut off my hair. This is an easy hair style as long as you have PLENTY of hair pins! Grasp your hair in a pony tail at your occipital bone and slide your hand just a little bit down the pony tail so that you can wrap the end of the pony around your hand. Once you have wrapped all your hair around your hair, gently slide your hand out of the loop and continue rolling towards your head. Pin the underside of the loop tightly against the back of your head.