Monthly Archives: January 2013


I had a client come in today wanting a complete change from her 1N colored hair. After a base adjustment with 30V V-lite, I slice highlighted her crown to a level 6. I dried her hair and applied So-Color HD-RV to the pre-lightened hair.


Don’t you love it?!


Keys and Cogs

Using unique hair accessories can make or break your style. Make sure you don’t over do the hair jewelry …remember “classy not trashy”


These clips were hand made for my styling and truly accentuate this style,  by drawing your eye to its shape. You can dress up any simple style with the right hair accessory.

Spectacular Spartan!


This is not complicated. Start by first separate two sections of hair big enough to braid (one slightly below and behind each ear) away from the rest of you r hair. Braid and leave to these aside until very last. Pull hair back into a high ponytail and curl the hair. Pin the curls into a neat or messy bun. Then cross the braids across your head as a head band and neatly pin the ends into the back of the bun. This is perfect for evening wear!

Pinning for Pintrest

Apologies for the space between posts, my computer bit the dust. These next few posts will be edited via phone! I have become addicted to Pintrest, and finally created an account. I hope you enjoy my Pintrest inspired “Pin-Up”.


I used alot of Matrix’s Vavoom finishing spray in this style for a firm hold. Start by hot rolling the hair. Then tease your hair close to the scalp for volume. Section off hair, starting at the top, and brush curls into big pin curls and secure in a pattern on the head. Continue until theres no hair left. You can do so much for with this style from classic to asymmetrical! Try it out today.