Monthly Archives: March 2014

Vineyard Venus

Recently I was invited to a toga party, but I didn’t have time to make the toga. What s a girl to do…HER HAIR! Who needs to spend money on a last minute costume when your hair can do the job for you. To create this look I marcel curled the top half of my head (pinning each curl up after to cool into that shape) and left the lower half straight. After brushing the hair at the front of my face straight I randomly teased/pinned these curls into a messy bun on the back top half of my head. You can add the vine leaves like I did for effect or you can use your imagination for differing appearances.Vineyard Venus DSC01440 DSC01441


Day After-> Pin Curls

Hot Mess BunAs you can see, I slept really hard that night, but this created some amazing texture to work with the next day! After pulling my hair into a high pony tail, I back combed my curls with a boar bristle brush spraying with a light hold hairspray as I teased. Using light hairspray allows some of the curl to stay curly, as well as adding a structure to the tease that you can pin into a shape. I kept my structure loose and big, so that it would cover the entire back of my head. However you can use this same technique of day after pin curls to create messy styles with lots of volume (I love doing a messy french twist with this spray and back comb technique). Pin your hair to keep the style stable all day. I finished with Matrix Hard Lock hair spray from the Design pulse line for  a stronger hold. This perfect hot mess style got me lots of compliments throughout the day and into the night, so give it a try!