Color Correction

My Marilyn Monroe client finally decided she wanted to go back closer to her natural color (which you can see at her new growth on the left).
Using Color Sync I filled her level 10 mid lengths and ends with a level 6CG and 8WN+ 10 volume Matrix cream developer. I processed for ten minutes rinsed and towel tried her hair. I then applied 6WM + 10 Volume Matrix cream developer new growth to ends and processed the hair for the full 20 minutes (we did not add SOBOOST which would have allowed us to process up to a full 30 minutes).
I find that when I am doing a color correction of such an extreme degree, using Color Sync to fill and as a final toning improves the integrity of the overall final color. Color Sync is an Ammonia free color line formulated with a Cera Oil Priming Complex. Which evens the hairs canvas by using ceramides to fill the hairs porosity for seamless color and a brilliant shine. 2XCeramides for 2X Condition for 20 shampoos.


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