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Messy Trumps Dirty

When you’re running late and have no time to wash your hair. Still having to look fabulous though right?  Make a messy twist bun! Spray Dry Matrix shampoo into the greasy parts of your hair. Start twisting on the front side of your face. Continue the twist all the way to the back of your head (to the same side you started twisting). Bun the rest into a messy twist, keeping your hair out of your face and concealing hair you were unable to wash. Try adding braids if you are a capable braider for a more sleek finish. However messier hair hides dirtier hair!

DSC02028 DSC02044


Vineyard Venus

Recently I was invited to a toga party, but I didn’t have time to make the toga. What s a girl to do…HER HAIR! Who needs to spend money on a last minute costume when your hair can do the job for you. To create this look I marcel curled the top half of my head (pinning each curl up after to cool into that shape) and left the lower half straight. After brushing the hair at the front of my face straight I randomly teased/pinned these curls into a messy bun on the back top half of my head. You can add the vine leaves like I did for effect or you can use your imagination for differing appearances.Vineyard Venus DSC01440 DSC01441

Day After-> Pin Curls

Hot Mess BunAs you can see, I slept really hard that night, but this created some amazing texture to work with the next day! After pulling my hair into a high pony tail, I back combed my curls with a boar bristle brush spraying with a light hold hairspray as I teased. Using light hairspray allows some of the curl to stay curly, as well as adding a structure to the tease that you can pin into a shape. I kept my structure loose and big, so that it would cover the entire back of my head. However you can use this same technique of day after pin curls to create messy styles with lots of volume (I love doing a messy french twist with this spray and back comb technique). Pin your hair to keep the style stable all day. I finished with Matrix Hard Lock hair spray from the Design pulse line for  a stronger hold. This perfect hot mess style got me lots of compliments throughout the day and into the night, so give it a try!



Curl Challenge Try2

DSC01163Curl Challenge Try2

I decided to go about getting curls the old fashion way! PIN CURLS!! Yes friends I slept the WHOLE night with my hair in pin curls. I curled them using a flatiron then sprayed them with Vavoom finishing spray and pinned them so they would stay. I slept with a bandana around my head and you can see the results how perfect the curls are! I will see how long I can make these curls last…stay tuned!

“Curl Challenge”

After I curled my hair today and I wanted to save it for tomorrow. So by wearing it in a french braided double-strand rope bun. I and hoping to conserve the curl! lets see what I can do!

Jury Duty “Do”

Pull the top horseshoe section of your hair (crown) into a high bun and pin in place. Then brush all your hair over to right above an ear(making sure its smooth). Braid this hair, then twist it back around the bun and pin. Fray and spray the ends of the braid with Matrix design pulse so you can cover any part lines. Leaving you a clean look in the back but a funky twist with the frayed pieces in the front. I loved wearing this to Jury duty today ….because I didn’t have to explain my occupation 🙂



Twisted Twirls


This is a QUICK cute bun that anyone with medium to long hair can achieve.  Pull hair into a high ponytail and secure with a band. Take small to medium sections (depending on how large you want the coils) and twist the hair until it starts curling onto itself.  Pin the coils randomly around the band to create this funky bun. For a messier look leave the ends out to splay and spray with Vavoom hairspray for hold. When brushed out the coils will give you lots of body you can use to create other styles!


I had a client come in today wanting a complete change from her 1N colored hair. After a base adjustment with 30V V-lite, I slice highlighted her crown to a level 6. I dried her hair and applied So-Color HD-RV to the pre-lightened hair.


Don’t you love it?!

Spectacular Spartan!


This is not complicated. Start by first separate two sections of hair big enough to braid (one slightly below and behind each ear) away from the rest of you r hair. Braid and leave to these aside until very last. Pull hair back into a high ponytail and curl the hair. Pin the curls into a neat or messy bun. Then cross the braids across your head as a head band and neatly pin the ends into the back of the bun. This is perfect for evening wear!

Pinning for Pintrest

Apologies for the space between posts, my computer bit the dust. These next few posts will be edited via phone! I have become addicted to Pintrest, and finally created an account. I hope you enjoy my Pintrest inspired “Pin-Up”.


I used alot of Matrix’s Vavoom finishing spray in this style for a firm hold. Start by hot rolling the hair. Then tease your hair close to the scalp for volume. Section off hair, starting at the top, and brush curls into big pin curls and secure in a pattern on the head. Continue until theres no hair left. You can do so much for with this style from classic to asymmetrical! Try it out today.