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Tribal Textures


I did a fashion show in Lenoir NC a couple of years ago with my friend who let me do whatever I wanted so I went tribal with texture. I embossed all the hair above the parietal ridge, while splitting the hair below into three separate braids. To make sure the braids held their texture I put Matrix Volume Builder Mouse on the hair before and during braiding. When the braids were completely dry, I ran a flat iron over the braids to make sure they held their pattern. Remember when we use heat we are breaking the hydrogen bonds in the hair to reform the hairs natural state into the one we are trying to achieve (curl, crimp, etc). If you allow the hair to cool in the same shape as it was heated the bonds will fully reform in that shape and therefore sustain the shape for longer periods of time. Once the braids were cooled, I gently separated the braids with my fingers for less frizz. I heavily brushed the hair that was embossed to make sure I got the most volume in the crown of the hair. I then secured the front fringe to crown with gold hair clips for a tribal feel. I loved this look, even the second day wear of this look with all the texture allowed the model to do some great braids/styles. Stay tuned for more models from this show!


Color Correction

My Marilyn Monroe client finally decided she wanted to go back closer to her natural color (which you can see at her new growth on the left).
Using Color Sync I filled her level 10 mid lengths and ends with a level 6CG and 8WN+ 10 volume Matrix cream developer. I processed for ten minutes rinsed and towel tried her hair. I then applied 6WM + 10 Volume Matrix cream developer new growth to ends and processed the hair for the full 20 minutes (we did not add SOBOOST which would have allowed us to process up to a full 30 minutes).
I find that when I am doing a color correction of such an extreme degree, using Color Sync to fill and as a final toning improves the integrity of the overall final color. Color Sync is an Ammonia free color line formulated with a Cera Oil Priming Complex. Which evens the hairs canvas by using ceramides to fill the hairs porosity for seamless color and a brilliant shine. 2XCeramides for 2X Condition for 20 shampoos.

Insatiable Inferno


Matrix SOBOOST Model

My newest color model is displaying new SOBOOST Color Additions from Matrix. I used 4RV+ on her new growth with Red SOBOOST and Copper SOBOOST for her ombre. What beautiful rich colors were achieved using the new SOBOOST color additions. The SOBOOST range can be used alone or in conjunction with both SOCOLOR and COLORSYNC lines from Matrix to enhance/neutralize any color.

This was the first time I had ever used the SOBOOST color additions, and the result was fantastic. I used them alone to see how vibrant they would be so I will now know exactly how they will brighten my SOCOLOR and COLORSYNC formulas.




“Curl Challenge”

After I curled my hair today and I wanted to save it for tomorrow. So by wearing it in a french braided double-strand rope bun. I and hoping to conserve the curl! lets see what I can do!


I know you all love my art work so I decided to make a color wheel to use for reference. It’s also a great way to use multiple parts of your brain to help you remember the wheel. A great teacher once told me that if you increase the number of colors you used in taking notes your brain will recall the information easier. One side of your brain remembers the word your writting, while the other remembers the color. Activating both sides of the brain improves memory recall. So more colorful notes are more likely to be remembered.

Summer Slacking

Clients go on vacation during the summer and delay color/conditioning appointments. This creates frizz, split ends, and dull uneven color. My client today had all of the above. With the help of Imprints Demi-permanent Sheer coverage by Logics, I evened out those high-lights from sunlight. Also this color added shine with its sheer coverage. Her hair looks even and healthier.



The Importance of Trimming

As you well know, when it’s time to get your hair trimmed you can see your split ends. If you are trying to grow your hair out, trimming on a regular basis is the most important thing you can do to add length to your hair over time. If you do not trim off these dead “split” ends, they will literally keep splitting. Keep regular appointments with your hairdresser to make sure your tresses stay healthy and will continue to grow.

Cool Down

Everyone knows that heat can create curls or straight hair, but proper cooling techniques can make all the difference in how long your style lasts. Allowing your hair to cool in the shape of the curl your iron just created, secures the curl ensuring a longer lasting hold. Allowing the hydrogen molecules we’ve been talking about to fully set in their new shape before releasing is important to lengthening the life of a style. Let that curl sit in it’s coiled position until it cools. For extreme hold make sure you spray with hair-spray during the cooling process.

Diffuse the Situation

You can use a diffuser to create voluminous styles as well as keep damaged hair even further from the heat of a hair dryer. Diffusers usually are the attachment that comes with your hairdryer. The one above have round tipped small prongs that facilitate air flow. This design allows the air flow to spread out or “diffuse” from the dryer. Inhibiting the full force of the dryer, you will have an overall gentler drying process reducing damage or frizz in curly styles.

Diffusers similar to this second one can be used to direct airflow to specific locations, allowing for intentional drying of particular sections and improved use of a round brush.

If I Could Eat Dinner with Anyone…

NO time constraints put on this question, I would eat dinner with Madame C.J. Walker.

Starting as a slave Walker worked her way from a wash girl to become  first self-made female millionaire in the world of hair products. After loosing her husband to yellow fever she began marketing her natural hair growth product door to door, literally building herself from the ground up. I would love to be able to talk to this woman, I would ask her how she had the courage to create a business as well as thank her for opening the door for other women to build their own by themselves. More women need to realize that they can do incredible things on their own. I live by her quote “If I have accomplished anything in my life it is because I have been willing to work hard.”