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Knitting Kurls!!


Yes that’s right…I got all these different curls by wrapping pieces of hair (from left to right) tightest coil, loosest coil, and medium coil. I then added heat with a flat iron to the metal knitting needle where the hair was wrapped ( curls last longer if you let them cool first). Slip the curls off the needle and move to next piece! Great way to create differing textures. I also like to apply  volume builder to the pieces before I curl them for lasting curls!



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Midshaft shift –

Crazy Photo Shoots Ive done!

wedding blissphoto shootDSC01028photo shoot part 2DSC01051DSC01062Vintage shootDSC01087DSC01095DSC00798 Photo Shoot Fun

Crazy Stuff I Love to do!

Crazy Stuff I Love to do!

These are some of my creations for fashion shows/Photo shoots…what do you think?

“Revamping Vintage”

I used a larger spaced crimping iron to add slight texture to the hair not leaving specific impression patterns. I used Matrix Total Results Sleek Iron Guard for protection, and Matrix Hard Lock hairspray for control. Pin hair into figure eights on top and to one side of the head.

Day 37



Date night is tonight so I needed some romantic hair! Taylor Swift was my inspiration today with her messy curly bun. Section the hair in front of your ears away from the back section of hair. Make a very messy low bun with the back section of your hair and pin securely into place.  Now curl the ends of your front two sections of hair and loosely drape your bun with the curls. Make sure some hang lower than others to accentuate the messiness. This is a quick classy look great for the holidays!

In Touch with your Inner Self


Never be afraid to let your inner spunk show on the outside!  Personality is 50% of your beauty.  If you are outgoing,  let your hair match your style with a new unique cut or doo! Your hair is the first thing people see, so make sure it represents you well. People will notice!
Thank you Jeri for the wonderful shirts that match my quirky self!

Day 36


I was a huge Minnie mouse fan when I was younger. So today I used her as inspiration. I needed to keep my hair out of my face to clean house and workout, so this is perfect!  Put your hair into two high ponytails,  make sure they are evenly placed. Braid and bun each pony for Minnie ears! I add red bows when I am going to be with kids, they love it!

Day 35


Wrap a small bit of teased extension hair in a small section of your own from the crown of your head. Pin in place and pull a section of hair from in front of the bump over the rat to better smooth it. Then curl your ends and bun a bit of it to cover your pins if your not good at hiding them.

Practice Makes Perfect



While cleaning at the Wig Bank, I discovered a Barbie I styled for the “Red Dress” fundraiser.  If you can corn-row a Barbie you can braid anything! Find a friend who lets you practice difficult styles, or you can borrow a doll that will! The bottom braid is a double strand rope braid wrapped around a pony-tail. Even as cosmetology students we had to practice on dolls with human hair before we were trusted with breathing clients.  Practice will improve your abilities and confidence.