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Messy Trumps Dirty

When you’re running late and have no time to wash your hair. Still having to look fabulous though right?  Make a messy twist bun! Spray Dry Matrix shampoo into the greasy parts of your hair. Start twisting on the front side of your face. Continue the twist all the way to the back of your head (to the same side you started twisting). Bun the rest into a messy twist, keeping your hair out of your face and concealing hair you were unable to wash. Try adding braids if you are a capable braider for a more sleek finish. However messier hair hides dirtier hair!

DSC02028 DSC02044


Twisted Twirls


This is a QUICK cute bun that anyone with medium to long hair can achieve.  Pull hair into a high ponytail and secure with a band. Take small to medium sections (depending on how large you want the coils) and twist the hair until it starts curling onto itself.  Pin the coils randomly around the band to create this funky bun. For a messier look leave the ends out to splay and spray with Vavoom hairspray for hold. When brushed out the coils will give you lots of body you can use to create other styles!