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“E tu Brabis?”

image image This is my try at an online tutorial! I saw it and loved it. I wanted a messier version than what they showed.I used some texture builder from the Matrix Style link line to make the hair messier and texturized.

To recreate this look style the hair on your natural part. Pull back a small section of hair from both sides of the face, and secure in a pony tail holder at the back of the head tightly. Flip this small pony tail partly under so that you can spilt the pony tail into a heart shape above the holder leaving the remainder of the hair below the holder in loose fall. Repeat as many times until you run out of hair, or create desired look. I finished the hair off with a double strand knot bun at the bottom.  I found some great ideas at this website so I thought I would share!


Spectacular Spartan!


This is not complicated. Start by first separate two sections of hair big enough to braid (one slightly below and behind each ear) away from the rest of you r hair. Braid and leave to these aside until very last. Pull hair back into a high ponytail and curl the hair. Pin the curls into a neat or messy bun. Then cross the braids across your head as a head band and neatly pin the ends into the back of the bun. This is perfect for evening wear!